LARA Budapesti szexpartner beszámoló

(2023-09-18 10:33:11)

I contacted a couple weeks ago on VTR, we arranged an appointment, unfortunately Lara cancelled on me on the day and I rescheduled with someone else. It took me a couple weeks, but I finally set up another appointment and we arranged a morning time, it was simple.

Located near Puskas Arena, it was easy to reach by public transport and seemed like ample parking was nearby.

A fairly new building, probably from the 90s, the apartment was large but Lara quickly ushered me into the 'massage' room as there was someone else in the apartment. The bathroom was spacious and had a huge number of shower gels. The massage room offered both massage table and tatami, quite comfortable.

Lara looks quite a look like her photos - she's a little curvier in real life, she's probably more in her mid-20s, but that's no bad thing. She's still very attractive, with a pretty face, a nice round ass and firm tits.

This happened after the first 'round' - Lara asked if oil or cream, I went with oil and she gently worked her way into quite a decent professional massage. Her technique is quite good, focusing on every part of the body deeply and thoroughly, working her way down from the shoulders to back to legs, and even an impressive foot massage. Near the end, she also teased my member from behind and reaching her hands around, ensuring I was more than ready for the second go-around.

With the 90 min session, I was given two 'rounds'. After entering and jumping in the shower, Lara greeted me naked and I started fondling her body. She plainly told me no kissing, which was a little disappointing but fine, and we moved onto the tatami, where she went straight to work on my member. I'd have preferred if she used oil, but her technique was impressive and she knows how to work it; within minutes, I was rock hard and ready to blow - she took the first load in her mouth, which surprised me, but I was more than willing to play along. She discreetly emptied it out onto a tissue, before relaxing me into the massage (above). The second round, after teasing me well from the massage, she went to work again on my lower region. Starting with her hands, she slowly built up into her mouth. I was a little tired and it took me longer than it normally does, but Lara perservered and she pumped away at it for a good 10 minutes, working up and down the shaft as well as the head. She uses a bit of teeth, which was a small issue, but she was more than willing to switch between handjobs, blowjobs, licking and ball fondling. Eventually, to no fault of her own, I took it into my own 'hands' while she licked the head aggressively - it was an impressive effort given my failing and as I came, her tongue went ballistic all around my cum, licking my load up and down with vigour. A porno style end to a good session.

Quite a good session, I left happy and relaxed. Lara knows how to treat a man well and her massage technique is impressive.

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