Happy Molly, jó masszázs



It was a fucked up night for all intents and purposes: got drunk when I shouldn't have and was on the way home when I didn't want to. In the end, I really wanted someone's touch. Salons like Happy are very good for this kind of spontaneity, even late. I hit up their website, checked who is available till midnight, saw a few photos of Molly then quickly called them. A phone girl told me all there is to know and booked me for like 30 mins later to Molly. I'm rarely this impulsive.


They moved from 13. district to 6. and now the salon is in a more tourist-friendly location (but it was still my first time at Happy). The streets here are busy with nightlife, not quiet at all. A parking spot fortunately freed up nearby, otherwise it can be difficult. Public transport is likely ok, with a bit of walking from main nodes.


The place is the typical salon that I remember from when I started this hobby. Sometimes it can be good to (re)visit these kinds of locations, even if I don't frequent them and they aren't what I prefer. They have more girls than rooms and I had to wait in front of the door (in the corridor) for 20 minutes. Having had worse that night, I could only smile in acceptance (but I really had to pee so I couldn't wait to finally get invited in). I witnessed literal hockey players leaving in pairs. Well, at least got to see how other guests look like, nothing out of the ordinary, I blend right in. They looked happy :) I've also passed other working girls (perhaps Zamira and Sophie) who were just leaving. This salon is known to cast beautiful ladies, the downside is the limited menu (handjob).

I got the big bathroom where they also offer bathing seances at no extra cost, so that is definitely a thing to keep an eye on when visiting. Plenty of baba shower gels to choose from, and they care about hygiene. Our room was lit with LEDs just like all other salon rooms, with mirrors on both sides, a TV, and some refreshers (I took water). The massage happens with Yamuna oil on a plastic tatami (for easy cleaning I guess, it felt weird) covered by only a thin layer of disposable linen. She placed a pillow under my head when I turned around.

Hirdető külseje

Her pictures on their site tell the story quite well, what's not evident is the piercings in her nipples and just below her neck. I've never been with anyone who had these, so it was a first experience in a sense. She had this "wild thing" look. Molly isn't thin but not chubby either, but does carry some healthly looking curves on her tattoed body. What I liked best is her smile and the relaxed atmosphere she was able to create during our conversation. With very direct communication, we quickly found common ground in topics around women, her teen bi adventure, and even shared what she was going to do and with whom later that night. Her love for sex was very apparent in the air. These all helped me ground my thoughts and pay attention to her instead of dwelling on the past.


I don't think anybody goes here for the sport massage but it did feel good and relaxing. What stood out is the arm and hand massage (even interlocking fingers), which is helpful for not touching her body with dry hands when it soon comes to that. Yeah it's allowed until the point that would be covered by panties. But she was naked and pushed her pussy and ass in my face, almost touching, so the tease was definitely there. If someone can keep himself within the limits, these occasions can be pretty sexy. The body-to-body wasn't a single formal part, but she performed it for quite a while, nicely transitioning from the normal massage and to the happy ending part.


She made sure to always position herself in a way that I could see all of her, mirror or no mirror, I had great views all throughout our session. I could touch her breasts, hips, legs, play with the decorated nipples, and grab her ass, softcore stuff like that, and I didn't use my mouth. Nor did she but she spit on my dick and came real close. Like the illusion was definitely there as she kept stroking and massaging even the balls. She has a wild fetish side too and can offer some of that as needed. I don't, but I could still feel the animal within, that passion as if this wasn't a job but she really liked playing with certain parts of men. Her lying next to me, one leg up in the air, showing her pussy, paired with the enthusiasm and skilled stroking close to her oily breasts eventually led to my explosion. All I could see was that I probably shot till my ankles and on her hands/tits. She kept smiling and told me she'd rather wash herself than try to do anything with paper towels. I could rest alone for a few minutes in my bliss.


I stayed longer even after that, making good use of the hour (my waiting time was correctly excluded). I was the last guest of the night and we kept talking as she cleaned up after bringing me a phone charger. We looked her up on this site. The ads are managed for the girls, so she didn't know what's up. Regarding the paper flower, I asked and she told me the kind to give, so I left one piece on the chair and she thanked me. This happened at the end. I think it was an okay value, I knew what I was getting myself into and had no delusions (for once).